Top 7 Social Media Marketing Myths Debunked

Top 7 Social Media Marketing Myths Debunked

One can’t underestimate how important social media marketing is whether used for offline or online businesses. However, there have been a lot of misconceptions surrounding the use of this tool. How do you determine what’s truthful and what isn’t? The following are the 7 most common myths that you may hear about when using social media marketing as a tool to improve your business.

1. Everybody is on it

Despite the common belief that everyone is on social media irrespective of where they come from is a lie. How so? According to the recent data corrected in regards to how many people are using social media, only 2.1 billion people had social media accounts out of 3 billion active internet users around the world. Yes, a lot of people use social media but don’t presume that everybody is going to see what you post – it is simply not possible. Interestingly, some people use their accounts only to get in touch with their family members.

2. When you use it, you Don’t Need Another Marketing Strategy

The truth is; social media marketing should only be a part of your marketing strategy but not your sole strategy. Other elements of a marketing strategy that you need include the use of marketing content, emails, and a website. Currently, email marketing still leads the way as it offers the highest ROI (return on investments). Remember it is not prudent to put all of your eggs in one basket.

3. It Leads to Instant Sales

When using social media marketing, you are in a journey and not someplace to make quick sales. Most of the time, it takes a long time to build up a large following. Getting additional followers and shares is an endless and long-term process.

4. It’s Only Suitable to Young People

Nowadays, folks of all ages are using social networking sites. Assessing and getting to know your target audience is essential to not only selecting your social marketing platforms but also in coming up with a working marketing plan.

5. You Must be on all Platforms to be Successful

If you are on every social media platform, you may end up ruining your chances of success. Why? Because you can actually waste a lot of time hopping from one platform to another. Thus, you only need to concentrate on the platforms that your audience use. It’s better to focus on one or two well-managed platforms instead of many that are poorly managed.

6. It’s too Costly for a trifling business

Depending on how you are using social media, it can be cheap and affordable. If you are using it to only set up some profiles, then it may be free. But if you are using it to set up profiles and then advertise, you may need to spend some money but not much.

7. The Huge the Following the Better

It makes no sense to have thousands or even millions of followers if none of them take note of you. It is way better to have less than a thousand followers that are loyal.

How often do your efforts pay when you use social media as a marketing tool for your business? Don’t ever waste your time trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Why? Because there exist unique tools that you can use to find out which social platforms you can take advantage of.