Top 6 Tips To Improve Facebook Marketing

Top 6 Tips To Improve Facebook Marketing

Why does it make sense to use Facebook as a platform for marketing? It has a whopping 1.7 billion active members per month. Facebook can assist you to launch a new service or product, stimulate a purchase, create a community and build awareness.

However, it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Just use the following 6 simple tips to leverage the power of marketing on Facebook for your business.

1. Build up a Following

When using Facebook for marketing, the first step you take should involve building up a large following. You can do that by inviting people to join your group or to like your page. Offer as much value as possible with your links and posts so that more followers can comment, share, click or like your posts.

2. Create a Separate Facebook Page for Your Business

Ensure you have separate personal and business Facebook accounts. Your friends and family may not be interested at all by your business undertakings. Similarly, your potential clients might not want to see any of your family holiday photos. You are likely to lack enough room if people keep wanting to be friend with you, as your business expands. Facebook has set the limit for the friend that you can have per personal account at 5,000. Although that may sound like a huge number, numerous marketers have reached that milestone and they have been forced to delete or move some people over to their fan page.

3. Interact and engage

Trust between you and your followers is the key to running a successful Facebook marketing program. If you deliver quality information regularly, your followers will learn to trust and like your brand. A great example can be posting a motivational message or tip per day on your page. Another useful idea can be posting promotions and offers that your followers can benefit from. From time to time, create offers or promotions tailored to your followers only.

4. Effectively Integrate Marketing Strategies

Integrate all your marketing tactics with Facebook marketing strategies so as to get better results. For example, you can opt to incorporate a Facebook real-time feed to your blog or website. Additionally, you can include “Facebook” button or “post this on Facebook” call to action message.

5. Facebook Adverts

One great thing about Facebook ads is that although they work, they are cheap. Facebook gives you the freedom to target your audience depending on their gender and interests. But Facebook ads only work if they are properly managed in terms of relevancy and uniqueness. In short, they must have a good call to action, grab the attention of the followers and be of value to them.

6. Create a Facebook Group

Nowadays, Facebook groups have become a popular free tool for reaching out to customers online. The groups are way more visible in the News Feeds. In a group, you have absolute control of how communication and information flow. Also, the Facebook groups are prodigious for generating leads, building your email list and eventually selling your services and products.

It has been proven that creating and managing a Facebook Group can do wonderful things for your business. When using it, you can excel in selling your services and products through lead generation and email list builds up. There is a free report and checklist online that you can download to harness the power of Facebook groups.