Making Money Through Affiliate Marketing And Google Adsense

Making Money Through Affiliate Marketing And Google Adsense

Google AdSense and affiliate marking are income generating channels. They are appropriate for individuals who wish to make an extra income through their own website. Affiliate marketing has been a source of extra income for most website owners and publishers. It can also do wonders for you too.

Reason for affiliate marketing

Among all the ways of making money online, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest, especially for people who do not have their own product that they can sell online.However, only a few of internet users have been able to tap into this opportunity. Even people who have their own products can take advantage of this great opportunity to make extra income.

Generally, affiliate marketing involves an agreement between two websites. One website is owned by the seller while the other one is owned by the marketer, known as the affiliate.The seller uses the affiliate website to promote his or her products and services. For every purchase made through the affiliate website, the affiliate marketer gets some commission, based on their agreement. This becomes a passive income for the affiliate since he only places the seller’s advertisement on his website. Affiliate marketing is also cheaper for the seller than hiring an advertising company to advertise his product. There are several ways through which the affiliate can promote the products.The common ones are Google AdSense also known as pay per click, pay per lead and Pay per sale. Pay per click method is preferred by most affiliate. This is because visitors will only have to click on the link for them to earn the commission. The traffic generation methods used does not affect the earning on affiliate marketing programs. The amount of earnings depends on the traffic that a website attracts

Google AdSense

This is a form of affiliate marketing in which Google act as an intermediary between the seller and the marketing affiliate. The marketer creates an advertising account with Google, and through that account, Google provides advertisements. The advertisements provided by Google are usually related to the products that an affiliate sells on his website. The ads are in form of links to the seller’s website. They appear both in Google searches and on the affiliate’s webpage.Even with the pointed out similarities between affiliate marketing and Google AdSense, there are several differences that can be pointed out. A Google AdSense marketer only places a code on his website and Google does the rest of the work. The payment method for AdSense is Pay per click. Google then delivers its check on monthly basis after deducting their share of the earnings. There are tools for tracking the total earning that an affiliate makes through AdSense. Which way to go There are a lot of earning being made through affiliate marketing and Google AdSense. These programs work for both sellers and affiliates.Sellers will save a lot in terms of advertising cost by use of affiliate marketers. If you add up all the earning from affiliate marketing and Google AdSense, it would total to a good extra income.