How To Turn Facebook Group Members Into Email Subscribers & Customers

How To Turn Facebook Group Members Into Email Subscribers & Customers

The development of your online business, brand or blog can get influenced to a great extent by a Facebook group. A Facebook group helps grow your business while still allowing you full control of communication and flow of information. Facebook groups can help build a rapport with your target audience and eventually sell your goods or services.

Essentially build your email list

For you to grow your business as an internet marketer, you must build an email list. An email list will enable you to directly communicate as much as possible with people who are interested in your business without getting charged any penny. Since Facebook is a public and crowded place where everyone is trying to get familiar or understand what your business is all about, it is vital to engage your already established customers individually and intimately. An email list will enable you to engage your established customers in a more appealing and personal manner.

Additionally, having a Facebook group enables interaction with new people in your niche who had no previous information on the existence of your blog or website. The next step after a Facebook group is adding people to your email list. Below is a guide on how to do it.

Add people to your email list

Giving an incentive to members of your Facebook group is a wise technique to convince them to join your email list. This criterion functions the same way as having a squeeze page on your website or elsewhere on the internet, from where you pick people and add them to your email list.

Similarly, you can employ the squeeze page strategy to your Facebook group. However, you should always have in mind the sole reason as to why these people joined Facebook was to acquire information and interact with new people and friends. These people do not appreciate or support a selling business on Facebook and would not pay much attention to it. You, therefore, have to comply with their interests by ensuring your posts and updates contain valuable information that will distract them to grasping your message.

Other incentives you should offer to individuals joining your email list are free e-books, reports, checklists or additional valuable information. It is good to provide the incentives after every few posts for your email list to continue growing.

Link your posts to your website

Linking posts to your blog or website enhance the growth of your email list from the Facebook group. Linking goes hand in hand with having built-in list-building elements inside your site. Facebook members will be able to access the posts on your website where they will find the list-building elements and helplessly join your list.

Question and Answer Program

Engage your Facebook group members in a question and answer session where they will tell you the challenges that need addressing. You can then compile the top ten questions with their answers into a report, then offer the report as a benefit to members for joining your email list. You will have addressed the most crucial challenges that your audience encounters in the marketplace, and they will have to enter your email list to get those answers.

You can utilize Facebook positively to grow your email list, generate leads, get more potentials and sell your products and services which eventually would lead to the success of your business. However, misusing it would lead to a severe online reputation and permanent failure in online marketing.