How to Start an Online Freelance Writing Business

How to Start an Online Freelance Writing Business

Writing is a skill that has been passed down generations up to date. Much has changed, though, over the course of years as analog to digital migration has had its effect on writing, where by we use computers to write and store content. Modern writers have an advantage as this skill is a gold mine that can be exploited. Reason being that there is a high demand for writers. Starting an Online Freelance Writing Business is the way to go given its simple procedure.

Here are five easy steps to start an Online Freelance Writing Business?

  • Decide on the content to write
  • Create your business
  • Market your business
  • Specialize in a particular niche
  • Expand your business

1. Decide on the content to write

This is the most important part where you choose the topic of choice that you enjoy. If you don’t like writing about a certain topic, chances are you are going to struggle for motivation, and give your client a below par end result.

There must also be a certain level of demand for the topic, The higher the demand, the higher the supply, a definite plus for the business.

2. Create your business

Requirements for this are a business name, which acts as a brand, and a website. A website is an online platform that enables day to day activities and can be accessed by any user friendly gadgets, including phones and computers.

Making a website can be a bit hard, but it is a service that’s easy to come across and is relatively cheap. A simple website is enough for a start as you advance through the ranks.

Terms and conditions of the business must be clear and concise because, for example, writers look at the most suitable terms that work in their favor. The most common is where writers call for a 50% deposit to begin a job with the rest due at the completion of the job. This ensures that writers are paid for their services.

3. Market your business

As a writer, one of the best marketing tools is the written word. Write articles for e-zines (online magazines) which will enhance your brand name and create a fan base, use social media platforms to drive people to your blog and set up a well written sales page to drive potential clients to your website.

4. Specialize in a particular niche

Writing is an art and most arts always have a room for improvement. When you focus on a certain field of expertise, it gives you the opportunity to fine tune your craft. This will help you offer a better service and also charge more for your services.

Being a constant student is also important where there is no limit to what you can learn. Enroll for classes, study online and master your craft inside out.

5. Expand your business

As your business develops, you can hire more writers while also grow into a consultant. This is where clients are able to depend on you for sure solutions and advice. They will be more than willing to pay for your time. Be positive about your skills and charge what you are worth.

To get your business started, you need to show prospective clients the standard work you provide. The easiest way is by writing a short e-book about your chosen niche that can be given away as a sample.