How to Make a Successful Membership Website

How to Make a Successful Membership Website

A membership website means an assured source of income each month. It does not matter if the traffic for the month falls, as long as you have your subscribers you can be assured of some money. This is probably the biggest advantage of a membership website. There are about 6 steps in creating a membership website and we will look at them here.

1. Know Your Audience

The first thing you have to think about is whether the people you are targeting will be willing to pay the subscription fee to have access to your website. Lack of competition in the particular niche you want your website to be in is not necessarily a good thing. This may mean that there are no websites in that niche because there is no ready market or that people just do not want to pay for that.

2. Take notes from Your Competition

If there is indeed some successful competition in your niche you should learn as much as possible from their membership sites. If you figure out what makes them a success you can apply it to your website and position yourself to take over.

3. Create Your Website

Software, for example, WordPress and a plugin like S2 Membership are useful when building your membership website. These are also cost effective which is important when you are starting up. Since your membership website will be handling recurring payments you should use a payment processor that can handle this. You can try PayPal,, ClickBank or 1ShoppingCart. The most challenging part is the back-end management system. This can be done by membership management software, for example, aMember Professional.

4. Marketing

It is obviously not enough to just create it but you need to have a marketing plan for your membership website. New members are the key to growing you site and your income simultaneously. Social media marketing, SEO and PPC are just some of the tools you can use to direct traffic to your website. You can also join chats, forums or online communities to reach more people.

5. Give them a reason to subscribe

It is unlikely that a prospective client will want to subscribe and pay the fee as soon as they hit your website. You will most probably have to give them a taste of the value of your website to give them a reason to pay the fee. Offer an eBook, a video or report that you can send to their email address for free, this way you get their email address also. Once you have the email address you can remind them regularly of the benefits of signing up to your membership website but do not spam them. You can also give them a special offer especially for them when they join.

6. Keep up the Value of your Website

Clients will only continue to pay the membership fee if they feel they are getting their monies worth. The best thing you can do is create the website with a whole lot of information beforehand and then you can spend your time promoting and marketing your website.

Success in the online business mainly boils down to marketing, the more people who know about your product the more likely that your product is going to get a customer.