How To Improve Your Skills In Link Building

How To Improve Your Skills In Link Building

An important role in how well the search engines will rank your website is played by search engine optimization (SEO). Link building is one of the most important elements of SEO. For this reason it is crucial to have good skills in link building, the process of acquiring links from other sites. Links are used by search engines to crawl the web in order to find new web pages and to evaluate the pages’ ranking position in the results.

Most SEO experts agree on the fact that link building is among the most challenging aspects of SEO. However, link building has also a great impact on your website ranking. Even if some people argue that Google is not rely on backlinks as much as in the past, it is certain that backlinks are here to stay.

In order to help getting your site on the top of the search engine rankings you can use these 5 link building tips:

1. Avoid Using Too Many Times The Same Anchor Text.

The highlighted words called anchor text can be clicked in order to open a link to a specific webpage. Avoid using the same anchor text too many times when working on link building on your website. Especially if your website is not getting many links and then suddenly you get numerous links with the same anchor text, the search engines may consider this a suspicious activity.

2. Have Different Targets and Link Sources.

It is important to achieve many different types of incoming links coming from different places. For a legitimate website it is very unnatural to have many of its links coming from the same place. You can use article marketing in order to manage this issue. It is also recommended to not send all your external links to your homepage in order to enhance your website linking building strategy. You can also link to your website’s inner content and to the other pages of your website.

3. Know Your Links’ Sources.

You need to check whether the website is indexed before you place a link on any page. Some people strive to get links from a great number of websites. This is a wrong strategy because the link will be, at best, useless, if it is a bad page. At worst, such links in high quantities may cause search engine penalties.

4. Reciprocal Links.

When other website links you your website and you link to that particular websites it is called reciprocal linking. According to experts, these days Google typically ignores reciprocal links. However, when done right reciprocal linking is still a useful strategy. It is especially useful when it’s used to gain new website traffic.

5. Quantity Over Quality.

Almost every time you can achieve better search engine rankings with quality links. For this purpose you have to create good content and submit it to social media networks. This way you will have the opportunity to attract good quality links and a targeted audience. In order to easily analyze and improve your SEO website images, keywords, content, font decorations, links and more, you can use the review of a SEO Plugin for WordPress. The plugin ia suggesting ways to improve your website same way like having a SEO expert right beside you.