How Can I Write A Blog If I’ve Got No Time?

How Can I Write A Blog If I've Got No Time?

Writing a blog for your online business can help to establish you in your market niche. A blog will not only help to improve your search engine rankings, it will also enable you to maintain a perfect relationship with all the potential customers as well as your current customers.

You know it makes sense to write a blog.

Blog writing can be very overwhelming as it involves writing, editing and publishing of posts. Besides, you also have to find royalty free images for your web, get your blog on social media, write guest blog posts, and manage your blog comments and many more.

If you feel that you do not have enough time to write a blog, there are many activities in your blog schedule that can be set on autopilot or outsource. This will enable you to concentrate on other important parts of running your online business.

Schedule Posts

After you have finished writing a number of posts, you can make use of use technology to plan automated publication in the future. This will greatly help you to save the time that is required to log to your blog and post content manually.

Automated Social Media Posts

There are many top quality social media content schedulers that make it very easy to schedule tweets, Facebook posts as well as other social media interactions on your blog for days or weeks.

Download Akismet for Comment Control

Reading, approving and also replying to comments can be very time consuming. However, you can Use the WordPress plug-in Akismet to help you determine the spammy comments sent to your web from the genuine messages from your clients. The plugin has filters as well as settings that you can use to take care of the majority of comment approvals.

Stop Doing Everything Yourself

Contracting a virtual assistant can also help you to manage most your time-consuming, recurrent blog tasks. Websites such as Guru, Toptal, and Elance & Upwork have experienced virtual assistants that can work on your web so that you can be free to attend to other equally important tasks.

Create an Editorial Calendar

You can save plenty of time with an editorial calendar as it will keep you organized. Use the calendar to plan for your content, its creation as well as delivery. An Editorial Calendar will help you to concentrate on the kind of content that you are you going to come up with. For example, are you going to build a written blog or a video blog? Will you include infographics as well as interactive media? Most online businesspersons who write a blog usually use software packages like Google Docs or the WordPress Editorial Calendar plug-in.

An editorial calendar can be a very a powerful marketing tool If you know how to write a blog post that will offer the desired results. You do not have to be a professional writer in order to write a great blog. You only need to ensure that your blog is useful to your readers.