How Can I Build My Email List With Genuine Prospects?

How Can I Build My Email List With Genuine Prospects?

There is no question that you can build an email list fast but what you have to do before you take any action is think about and decide upon exactly who you want to be on your email list. There are a lot of list building methods, but many of them could be a complete waste of time if your list members are not the sort of prospects and customers that you want.
You may ask why you would wish to try and restrict the type of prospects on an email list when the general understanding is that the target is to keep adding new sign-ups to increase the numbers ever higher. What you have to consider is the question of whether it is valuable to build an email list numbering tens of thousands if the majority of the prospects are not ideal to have on your list in the first place.

You can build an email list fast just getting anyone to sign up irrespective of whether they have a real interest in what you can offer them. One way is to create adverts on free and paid for advertising sites, use giveaway events and general forums if they allow such ads. You will get a steady stream of visitors hitting whatever web page you direct them to, plus also you should experience short, sharp bursts of traffic at the start of such things as giveaway events.

The ones who will be signing up readily can be classed most likely as freebie seekers. And they will sign up not just for you but the next marketer’s offer and the next and the next and the next. Ask yourself if they will be bothered to open the gift you gave them, look at or even use it? The answer is probably not. So those affiliate links and links to the sales page of your product will never be clicked on. Ask yourself if they are the ideal prospect who will anticipate your next email filled with useful information, be open to you building a relationship and trust with them and whether they are ever going to see you as the person to go to for information in the niche? Not likely is the answer.

Forget about rushing to get as many sign-ups as possible and boasting that your list is bigger than others. It does not matter. It is so much more rewarding over the long term to learn and undertake the techniques to build an email list that grows naturally with targeted prospects that actually want to be on your list as you have clearly demonstrated the knowledge and provided information that marks you out as someone with whom they can learn more about the subject matter. And they will look out for your emails, actually read them and take action. Starting with realistic expectations and building an email list with quality prospects will be much more rewarding over a longer period that was just trying to grab whatever short-term profits are available.

So while it is possible to build an email list fast and many newcomers will probably try and achieve this, to build an internet business that will have value and reward you over the long term, it is better to try and filter exactly who is signing up. By ensuring that the majority of traffic arriving at your website and blog is targeted, you will have taken the right step in achieving this. It may take longer to build an email list, the list may well be smaller than you first envisaged, but it will be far more valuable to your internet business that was just trying to get anyone onto it.