Blogging and AdSense – A Straightforward Way To Making Money Online

Blogging and AdSense – A Straightforward Way To Making Money Online

Although the name blog is familiar to all those using the internet, not everybody understands what the term stands for or even what it means. A weblog or blog is a constant line of posts made about anything of interest.

If you are a blogger, you can make it be about your personal views on beauty products, gadgets, football just to mention a few. In short, the blog could be about your thoughts on different things, several topics or a specific niche.

When sharing crucial information or perspectives on a certain niche, you can get sponsors who are willing to post their adverts on your blog. But that is just one of the ways you can use to make money with your blog.

The online giant, Google, has a monetary program for blogs called “AdSense Program”. Google named the program by combining two words, that is, “ads and sense”. This means that the program works by going through the data available on a certain blog and matching ads related to that data. I will talk more about that shortly.

Another great way to make money with your blog is by becoming an “affiliate”. That way, you can advertise the products of others on your blog. Soon, I will also be discussing this strategy in detail.

Right now, all you are required to do is have a blog running by simply installing a “WordPress” theme on your server. How can you do that? Go to website, download and then install it for free.


You must have already come across mini-ads that pop-up on many websites each time you try to surf the net. There will be a day when you will be in a position to place those mini-ads on the blogs of other people. Food for thought; in case you place adverts on your blog, WILL you be PAID when visitors click them.

Make an effort to visit Google website to find out more about the AdSense application. Just navigate to the advertising programs and you will find it there.

By now, if you don’t have a WordPress powered blog, search for the alternative that you can use, WordPress versatility makes it remain the popular choice among bloggers. It doesn’t really matter what your content is as the ads will always be there that matches your content type hence the word “AdSense”.

That clear overview will now enable you to start practicing how to make ads by placing codes into your blog or website. It is precisely where your own willpower reigns. I leave that to you so that you can learn how to work with Blogger or WordPress platforms. If you get stuck, research a bit on how everything fits in its place and you will get used to everything in no time.

One important thing you should always remember is that the content you produce should be about something that fascinates you or you like. Some blogging topics like criminal law yield higher than some common topics many people have knowledge of. Many lawyers will be willing to spend a lot of money advertising their services on your site. But don’t get carried away by high yielding topics such that they overshadow your desires. To be productive and happier, you need to write about what you like and interests you – basically, what your heart desires.

Lastly, the only challenge left to face involves how to get sufficient traffic into your blog or website so that the magic of clicks can happen!