A business without your own products?

A business without your own products

Starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur is the dream of many youngsters. Indeed, what’s more satisfying then turning your own idea into tons of money while at the same time satisfying other people? In most of the cases, the first question you will need to answer is “What product/service will you sell?” and I’m very sure that this question could be the most difficult to answer. Well, here’s an alternative the Affiliate marketing business model.

What is it?

There are product creators in almost every industry that you could imagine. While they create the products or services (which you cannot), they need people to help sell their creations – THIS, is what you do. You help advertise the product or services, and get paid a commission based on the value of sales.

Where do I work?

Relax, you do not need to go down to the street and fiercely promote the products to random pedestrians. And trust me, this is certainly not the best way. So, everything happens online. What you need to do is to identify the customers, and the producer will figure out the rest including stock and delivery troubles. Seems nice, isn’t it?

What exactly to I do?

You can start searching for target products on ClickBank, which is the largest and most established affiliate online network. It is also the starting point of most affiliates probably because it is free to use and has a wide range of products to choose from—gadgets to food, pets to stationery.

After that, what you need to do is to send customers to a product sales page via a URL link provided by ClickBank. It does not matter if at the end the customers do not purchase the product – once the prospective buyer clicks on your link, you get the commission. Therefore, it’s a matter of promoting the product while you need not guarantee sale for the product.

How can I make it big?

In order to become a successful affiliate, you need to have huge traffic to your own website or blog page. The amount of commission earned per click is very small, but it will grow like a rolling snowball shall you secure a large audience base on your website. Therefore, growing your own fan base should be the primary goal for you. Well of course having a website is not a must, but doing so will give you a clear advantage. So think about it.

How to make a business website?

So it is probably your next question. The answer is: it’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Setting up a business website is cheap and not hard. You can learn the required computer languages to design your own simple website, or you can seek a freelancer to finish the job for you at a negotiable cost. Remember—having a website can add value to the product you are promoting, and thus generating more sales and commissions.

Once your website starts to grow and gets picked up by search engine, it is the moment when your business will become BIG!

Any specific requirement?

Not at all. Age or educational background are not hurdles for starting your own affiliate business. As long as you’ve got a clear direction and determination, maybe you will become the next high-achieving businessman!