5 Ways To Improve Your Website Ranking In Google Search

5 Ways To Improve Your Website Ranking In Google Search

Search engine optimization is the practice of improving website traffic by getting ranked higher in search engine results. It’s an excellent way to create more awareness for your website or blog. Your businessimproves and you gain more followers. But how do you rank higher in Google? Here are 5 strategies to help you:

1. Good Website Structure

Your website has to be user-friendly. It should be easy to navigate. It’s essential that your readers can easily find what they are looking for. Keep your layout simple yet attractive. Do make sure that pages don’t take too long to load, or users will get discouraged. They will leave and won’t come back.

Having a good structure encourages a user to keep navigating the site. It shouldn’t complicate their lives.

2. Maximize social media

Social media is a powerful tool in helping you get ranked higher in Google results. When people read and share your published content, Google remembers it. When a user types in a keyword related to your post, it is more than likely your website will show up in search engine results.

How else can social media help you? If you can publish high-quality content, you will gain more followers too.

3. Content is king

When it comes to SEO, quality content is still prioritized by Google. Do ensure that the content you publish are informative and compelling. Having different types of content also helps. Publish articles, graphics, infographics, long-form content, videos, etc. But remember to always choose quality over quantity. Google will reward you if you can provide the users good value for their time.

If you have a travel website, focus on publishing only about travel. And the travel posts should help out readers.

It pays to always choose a niche that you love. This way you will never run out of things to write about.

4. Know your keywords

When Google changed its algorithm, many websites suffered. They think that keywords are the one important element that helps you get higher search engine results. While keywords are still important, that’s not the only way to get higher rankings.

Some websites owners used to think that if they overstuff keywords, they get better rankings. Today, Google already penalizes websites who use black hat seo like keyword stuffing. Use the proper keywords only a few times.

If you want to know how your keywords are performing, use Google Keyword Tool or the Keyword Planner. Use this tool as your guide in knowing what keywords to use.

5. Website Technology

People don’t just use their laptops and computers when going online. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are useful tools for users. Do ensure that your website can be accessed on any mobile device, or you won’t get listed at Google. If you’re selling something, install a secure HTTPS with an SSL certificate. Creating a site map also helps Google to easily crawl your website or blog.

Search engine optimization will help your business if you actually know how to maximize it. Try the tips we have recommended and you’ll soon see an improvement on your website traffic!