5 Steps to Building an Email List of Prospects

5 Steps to Building an Email List of Prospects

One common thing that all successful online entrepreneurs have is an email list of prospects. If you want to make it in the highly competitive online business, you have to come up with result-oriented prospect email marketing. When a prospective client gives you their email address, take advantage of the opportunity to tell them more about what your business has to offer. Look at it this way; they are interested in what you are offering and are granting you a go-ahead to send them information regarding your business.

Keep contact with potential customers but do not be too pushy. They may get annoyed and stop reading your emails altogether. Remember that customer is king. They will buy when they are ready, and not when you are prepared to sell. Timing is key.

Just like any marketing strategy, bad practices can bring down your business. Avoid them at all costs. There is the right way of building an opt-in email list and the easy way. Purchasing lists is one of the easy means that is a bad idea. The easy way may work for a while but cost you heavily in future. For one, the prospects on purchased lists have no idea on who you are or what your business is about. They will therefore not be engaged with your emails. You need a method that will last for longer periods. Remember success does not occur overnight, you need to put in extra work and time.

That said, here are 5 steps that will help you come up with a comprehensive email list of prospects.

1. Pick Your Target Market Carefully

When coming up with a product, you must have a target audience group or market in mind. Your product may be suitable for kids, teens or adults. It is not possible to sell everything to everyone, no matter how good your product or service is. Narrow down to an individual or a smaller part of a more prominent group when addressing a prospective client. Avoid generalizing the whole target group. This way, it will be easier to connect and interact on a personal level, and your marketing efforts will bear fruits. Post compelling content and encourage your readers to subscribe to updates.

2. People Love Freebies 

It may cost you a little, but offering something of value for free may be just what your potential customers need. Remember nothing is really for free. When the individuals gave you their email, they expected something in return. Apart from sending them emails telling them about your business, provide them with something they do not expect. Something that will arouse their interest in your business. Try giving them an e-book, high-quality report, an audio file or a video training module. Doing this will set standards and give you an edge over your closest competitors. Be thoughtful on what you give away as it will represent the image of your business.

3. Craft An Opt-In Email Form

Generate a way of collecting the email addresses. Autoresponder is a great list building software that many companies use to capture and manage email lists. The software can come up with an email capture box that allows you to incorporate the home page of your website. Another popular way to get emails is to create a lead capture page. A lead capture page is a web page whose primary objective is to capture email addresses. It is separate to your website but still has a connection to your autoresponder.

4. Lay Out Your Autoresponder

Collecting emails is half the job. The other half is putting them into proper use. Having hundreds of email addresses and not using them beats the point of collecting them in the first place. Set up a series of well-crafted emails into your autoresponder. When people sign up on your site, the autoresponder will send out your emails automatically. One or two emails will not make subscribers act. Ensure that the emails your pre-load on your autoresponder are helpful and informative. They need to create a yearning for the subscribers to want to know more about your business.

5. Bring Traffic to Your Email Opt-In Form

Driving traffic to your website or landing page will result in more people joining your email list. Traffic can either be paid or free. If you are paying, only pay for traffic that you are guiding to a lead capture page. The main aim is getting the visitor’s email address. Utilize free website traffic tactics to drive traffic to your website, online articles, Social Media groups and much more. Make sure that all these pages have your email list opt-in form or a link to your lead capture page. Merchandising content through various platforms will help you capture soon-to-be buyers from different arenas.


Have a creative and exciting opt-in offer thataddresses your visitors’ problems. Learn to create an original and valuablecontent. This way they will be enticed to give you their email addresses.Consider cleaning your list every year to get rid of people on your prospectlist who never read your emails.