5 Simple Steps to Building an Email List for Your Online Business

5 Simple Steps to Building an Email List for Your Online Business

Email is ranked the best marketing channel by over 65% of online marketers. The reason for this is majority of email subscribers are highly targeted prospects that are interested in what your online business offers. These prospects are easier to convert and turn into repeat buyers of your product or service. Building an email list isn’t a complicated process and involves the following 5 steps.

Create a free giveaway to exchange for the subscribers email address

Today, internet users are wary of giving their email address to random website owners unless they get something of value in return. You’ll therefore need to research and find out what type of information your target prospects are seeking online. Then, you should create a free giveaway containing this information. The information can be packaged into a video, eBook, report or guide.

Create a squeeze page

The squeeze page serves a single purpose. Enabling your target prospect to submit their email address in exchange for your freebie. It should therefore attract and retain the prospects attention as well as convince them that the freebie they’re about to receive will provide value.

Some of the things to keep in mind when creating your squeeze page include:

  • The copy should state the problem the prospect has and shows that the freebie provides the solution
  • It should have an attractive layout with relevant graphics. For example if you’re offering an eBook, include its snapshot
  • A strategically placed form to capture the prospect’s email address
  • Include details of how the prospect will receive the freebie for example, whether they will receive a special download link in their email

Set up an autoresponder

This is a special type of software that manages your email list. Some of its functions include automatically collecting and storing email addresses in a database, sending email messages at specified times and segmenting the database. The autoresponder also makes it easy to test and track your email marketing campaigns.

Drive traffic to the squeeze page

You’ll need to drive targeted prospects to your squeeze page before turning them into subscribers. You can buy traffic through marketing techniques like solo ads, Pay per Click and social media ads. You can also drive free traffic to the squeeze page using techniques like content marketing, social media and SEO. Either of these strategies will work. However, it’s recommended you try and test several techniques before sticking to the ones that convert best.

Interact with your email subscribers

Once your list starts to grow, you’ll need to keep interacting with its members. Periodically send them email messages that provide useful information. This helps to build trust and position your business as a reliable brand your subscribers can rely on. Once the trust is built, you can go ahead and send them promotional messages.

If you’re running an online business, building an email list is crucial to the success of your marketing efforts. Having the contact information of highly targeted prospects makes it easier to inexpensively promote your offers. It also assures you that you’ll have a steady stream of traffic visiting your website every time you publish new content.