5 Photo Tips To Boost Your Instagram Marketing

5 Photo Tips To Boost Your Instagram Marketing

With over 700 million active users scrolling their feed, responding to posts and liking comments daily, Instagram has become one of the best ways to get more leads, promote your products and services as well as generate conversions. Since more consumers are engaging with their favorite brands on social media, having a solid presence on Instagram is a smart way to boost your strategy, grow your brand awareness and connect with your prospective clients.

Your instagram page create the first impression to potential clients and the best way to capture their interest is to take great photos and images.

Here are five photo tips that will not only help you boost your instagram marketing but also leverage your instagram account to increase exposure, boost fellowship, improve productivity and heighten engagement.

1. Proper Lighting

There is no amount of photo editing or filtering that will salvage a photo that is badly lit. Be sure to use natural lighting every time when taking photos for your instagram page but if it is not possible, consider setting up artificial lighting to prevent the formation of shadows.

When taking photos outdoors, late in the afternoon and early in the morning are the best times.

2. Make use of your eyes

Before you use your camera or smart phone to take pictures, take a few minutes to study the environment and use your eyes to structure the photo in your mind first.

What is in the background of the photo? Is there going to be any distractions when taking the photo? Which is the best place to position yourself to capture the perfect image?

Spend time analyzing the surrounding, your subject, lighting and everything else that will affect the outcome of the picture before you begin clicking away.

3. Make use of technology

Instagram is packed with editing tools and filters to help improve the look of photos before uploading. You can also download third party apps and tools to enhance the pictures.

In addition, most smart phones have photo adjusting features built into the cameras. They include tools to modify lighting and contrast levels, cut unwanted parts of the photo, add shadows, reduce or increase saturation as well as create long exposure effects.

4. Move Around the Subject

Smart phone cameras have lenses that soak light differently from traditional cameras. When you look at the subject through your phone then move though all round it, you will notice light sources shifting, uncovering some amazing effects. This will help you produce amazing photos and give surprising results.

You will note opportunities that could have otherwise not occurred if you had just help your camera or smart phone and clicked a picture.

5. Change the view point

Taking a picture from right down on the ground or high up captures interesting features hence making the photos to look different.

Instagram photos that stand out get shared more- this is how a single photo end up going viral earning you hundred if not thousands of followers. This will in turn draw attention to you products and services and highly boost your brand awareness.