5 Inexpensive (And Even Free) Ways to Boost Your Online Business

5 Inexpensive (And Even Free) Ways to Boost Your Online Business

In recent years, as technology continually improves, online businesses have become all the craze. Not only is it convenient to work from home, but there’s no need to rent out an office space and fill it with employees and equipment. The only issue that some online business owners have encountered has to do with promotion. Without the proper setup of an actual office or storefront, some companies can get lost in the internet abyss. Luckily, that doesn’t have to be the case–here are five inexpensive (and even free) ways to boost your online business.

1. Blogging

Blogs, though they do require effort and persistence, are a great way to gain some online traffic and potential customers. The trick here is to make sure the blog is updated regularly: you could write a shorter blog post each day, or one long blog post each week–it’s really whatever works best for you. That being said, these posts don’t even have to be written by you–there’s plenty of freelance writers out there to hire if you aren’t the most eloquent with words or just don’t have the time.

2. Content Marketing

Perhaps one of the most effective ways to educate people about your online business is through content marketing. Essentially, content marketing isn’t just one thing, but a whole lot of different strategies like videos, reviews, eBooks, papers and so on. By using all different kinds of content to promote your company, your chances of reaching a bigger audience dramatically increase.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is really just a way to enhance your website so that it will show up on search engines and near the top of the listed search results. There are two main ways to do this–with on-page SEO or off-page SEO. On-page SEO is all about placing certain keywords and headlines on your website so that when somebody types those keywords into a search engine, your business pops up. Off-page SEO is a little more indirect and involves anything you do off your website to bring people to your business. A couple examples of this might be guest blogging or commenting on forums that relate back to whatever it is your business sells or provides.

4. Email Marketing

Believe it or not, more people check their emails than they do their social media accounts. If you really want to boost your brand, email marketing is a very effective strategy. Once you have the email addresses of business prospects, you can send them promotional offers, discounts, and information. Chances are, the more they see your business pop up in their inbox with a great sale or free info, the more likely they are to go from being prospects to actual customers.

5. Video Marketing

With websites like Vimeo and Youtube out there, video marketing is definitely effective in boosting your business. Not only can you reach a large audience, but it’s extremely easy to do so–all you need is a few minutes and a smartphone. After that, you can sit back and watch the views (and the customers) roll in.

Though the internet is a great way to promote your online business and spread the word, it is also very competitive. That’s why it’s especially important to not just pick one strategy of marketing but to try several and see what works best. The good news is that with these five methods, you won’t have to go broke trying to wrangle these new clients in.